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OVE Elastomere Kunststoffe

Do you understand the pitfalls of working with different types of seals?

We can prevent sticking!

We harden seal surfaces, using special treatment methods.

Sometimes you will have trouble managing your seals, for example when they are automatically fed into the assembly process. This may be due to rings which are doubled up or have stuck together, or due to high friction, static charges or contaminated equipment.

At OVE, we know how to prevent this. While our methods have only a minimal effect on the physical properties of the elastomer, they reduce friction by an average of 50 percent and facilitate the assembly of elastomer seals. They can also prevent elastomer seals from sticking together during packing and handling.

We achieve this using our halogen treatments, which involve microscale chemical modifications to the elastomer and its surface. By superficially hardening the surface following intensive pre-treatment, it is possible to reduce the friction without applying a coating. The hardness of the material can increase by up to 4 points on the IRHD scale. Its physical and technical properties do not change, and nor do its dimensions.

With our treatment methods for elastomer seals, you can be sure that seals will never stick, are easy to feed in, and can be reliably differentiated.

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