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OVE Elastomere Kunststoffe

Do you wish your seals could last forever?

With our help, they can come close!

We coat seals with a wafer-thin, highly elastic, transparent or coloured anti-friction coating that is water-based and environmentally friendly or optionally on solvent basis.

We all know that seals have a limited service life and functionality. The competing demands for outstanding sealing performance, low friction and minimal wear can never be fully reconciled. And even a seal that is working perfectly may have shortcomings. For example, excessive friction may lead to stick-slip phenomena, impair dynamic functions or make assembly more difficult. These problems can be minimised or completely eliminated – with our coatings.

They reduce friction, facilitate assembly and make it easier to distinguish between the seals. By significantly decreasing friction to create optimised friction behaviour, we make stick-slip phenomena a thing of the past. Breakaway torques are significantly reduced and seals under dynamic stress are optimised in terms of function, economy and the environment.

With our water- and solvent-based based anti-friction coating systems, we create dry, touch-proof and clean surfaces on elastomer components. As a result, you may not be able to remember just how long a seal has been working perfectly.

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